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90 Day Fiance fans can be pretty darn opinionated — it’s part of the magic that keeps the franchise going.

But for the stars that make viewers unhappy, that "passion" can feel like a cloud of stinging hornets.

Rebecca Parrott knew when she signed on again that she and Zied Hakimi might catch some flak from fans.

But she is respectfully asking the audience to dial down their attacks on her adult daughter, Tiffany.

Rebecca Parrott - I'm a nervous wreck

Rebecca Parrott was, by her own admission, a nervous wreck on Season 8, Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance.

After all, this was the day that Zied Hakimi, the man she loves, arrived in America for the first time.

Viewers had already seen their journey when Rebecca was overseas. Now, they get to watch their K-1 visa process.

Tiffany and Micah tell Rebecca Parrott they're coming with

But Rebecca was not "allowed" to go to the airport alone.

Tiffany, her adult daughter, put her foot down. She and Micah accompanied Rebecca, refusing to even take separate cars.

They wanted to see Zied for themselves.

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi embrace - I'm here!

Zied’s arrival was a beautiful moment.

Rebecca had built up her excitement for months.

Now, he had finally arrived. Though Zied does not kiss in front of others, they shared a warm embrace.

Zied Hakimi meets Tiffany and Micah

Zied also met Tiffany and Micah, and despite Rebecca’s concerns, did not display any annoyance at another man’s presence.

Tiffany and Micah may not have offered the warmest reception, but they were not directly rude, either.

And though they continued their "chaperone" role on the ride back, that went well, too.

Zied Hakimi takes in the sight of America

Zied was excitedly filming the skyline as they drove, planning to send the video to friends back home.

He was excited to see America "just like in the movies."

After seeing so many 90 Day Fiance stars discover that their particular Americans were less affluent than they had imagined, it was refreshing to see Zied’s excitement.

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi Cuddles in America

Rebecca was overwhelmed with joy, and she and Zied packed on their version of PDA at dinner.

Zied was tired, of course, but Tiffany and Micah decided to pepper him with questions.

Though producers on the show are known to meddle, a lot of fans were unhappy to see Zied put on the spot and grilled like that right after his flight.

Zied Hakimi - what I work?

In response to all of the criticisms, Rebecca has taken to Instagram to share, in a video that we have included in this post, a request for fans to back off.

"Please understand that Tiffany and Micah are only trying to protect me," Rebecca said, "and they had never met him before."

She explained: "They are going strictly off what they had to deal with when I had my last relationship."

Rebecca Parrott Goes Glam

"Keep in mind that in any type of reality show situation, it tends to look the very worst it possibly could…" Rebecca said accurately.

"Tiffany’s heart is so broken right now because everyone is angry at her and Micah," she expressed.

"I would just ask everyone," Rebecca concluded. "Please be nice." That is not at all an unreasonable request.