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Prince Harry spent some time in South Africa this summer working to protect endangered animals, including elephants and rhinos, both of which are poached for their tusks.

Today, Kensington Palace showcased several photos and video taken by Harry and his team, one in particular tugged at the heart strings.

And made our ovaries explode, if we’re being completely hoenst.

"These baby rhinos are at an orphanage because their mothers were killed by poachers," Harry wrote.  "I can’t say where this is for obvious reasons. But I spent an afternoon with Petronel Nieuwoubt who runs the orphanage.

"The youngest rhino was called Don. He was just two months old when he was found in Kruger National Park. Petronel has students and volunteers from all over the world come to look after these orphans.

"They pay for this experience and that money is used for milk, food, fencing and rangers for security."

Harry and Prince William are supports of wildlife conversation; William is patron of Tusk Trust, which works to protect African animals against poachers.

According to a speech Harry gave at South African Wildlife College in Kruger National Park, 1500 rhinos have been killed so far this year for their tusks, which have proven valuable in some markets as decor and for (reportedly disproven) medical needs.

For more information, head over to Care For Wild – Africa.