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It is all over but the shouting on Pretty Little Liars.

And the screaming and the gasping and the endless amount of crying.

On Tuesday night, following an emotional and suspenseful seven seasons, Aria and company will bid farewell forever, as the most beloved show in ABC Family/Freeform history comes to an end.

Pretty Little Liars Finale Scene
Photo via Freeform

How will our favorite Liars say goodbye over the course of a two-hour finale?

"This last episode gave the Liars a significant amount of closure; they won the game, and it looks as if A.D. is leaving town," executive producer Marlene King tells TV Line, adding by way of tease:

"So the finale is structured as a two-hour movie.

"It’s paced like a feature film, not the way we do regular episodes. I don’t want to give away too much in terms of how [A.D.’s identity] is revealed, but that pacing will feel different and feel special."

Come on! Just tell us who A.D. is already, will ya?!?

Aside from the anticipated A.D. reveal, viewers will learn the identity of Emily and Alison’s baby… and they’ll also be treated to multiple sex scenes on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20.

King would not preview many more specifics of what’s on tap, except to say we will NOT see Jason and that the parents will play a few key roles on the finale.

"I think the majority of unanswered questions will be answered," she vows.

Photo via Instagram

We’ll see about that.

In the sneak peek below, we see Aria and Ezra enter a room, just as Emily comes out and tells her close pal that her surprise is ready.

What surprise?!? Watch and see if you can guess…