Irish Weatherman Blown Off-Screen; Colleagues LOSE IT with Laughter

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Deric Hartigan might sound like the name of a love interest in some tempestuous romance novel, but it's actually the name of an Irish weatherman who's getting more attention than he'd bargained for after one broadcast didn't go quite as forecast.

And, as you can see in the hilarious video below, it cracks up absolutely everybody.

Irish Weatherman Deric Hartigan

Okay, so Deric Hartigan is a weather reporter for Ireland's TV3.

To no one's shock, it's rainy in Ireland, which is really the focus of Deric's report ... at first.

Naturally, they can't just have him report from inside a studio like a reasonable person.

Like all weather reports, he has to give his outdoors.

(Honestly, I don't even check the windows to know the weather anymore; I just ask my phone)

Well, his talk about the weather gets interrupted as the weather is apparently miffed that it hasn't been allowed to get a word in edgewise.

Irish Weatherman 2

The wind isn't subtle.

Deric doesn't just get a hard time -- we've all seen weather reporters buffeted by winds, often reporting in the middle of a hurricane.

But in Deric's case, he doesn't have a chance to struggle to speak through the wind on camera.

Because the wind gives him a firm shove and, thanks to his umbrella, he's jerked off to the side and out of sight.

Irish Weatherman 3

He does get, just, absolutely blown off of the screen.

Mind you, this is Ireland on a windy day and he doesn't seem to exactly be a giant.

This isn't a weatherman-lost-while-reporting-on-Florida-hurricane situation.

Yeah, it's a little scary when you can't see him anymore for a moment.

And the camera remains stationary, so you don't see someone shakily pointing the camera after him.

You just see some sort of modern art sculpture -- the kind that cities put up.

(It kind of looks like a park bench from this angle)

Deric does come back though, and he's fine! 

Well, he's laughing so hard that he doubles over and shows that his hair is up in the world's tiniest little ponytail.

He's totally okay.

Irish Weatherman 5

But his poor umbrella is not.

Full disclosure: though I wasn't blown away, something similar happened to my umbrella about a month ago when, like an idiot, I went out in the wind to see if I'd left my takeout box in the car (worse: I'd left it in the restaurant, like a worse idiot).

So I know for a fact that sometimes inverted umbrellas can be fixed.

But his looks ... worse for wear than mine did.

That one might be donezo.

And as funny as this is to us, the viewers, this was way funnier to Deric's colleagues.

Irish Weatherman 4

They're just cracking up.

If you've ever watched, like, that time when Anderson Cooper giggles uncontrollably at the mention of "pussy willow" branches, you know the difference between a professional chuckle and a newscaster losing it.

These two are losing it.

On their own, maybe they'd be able to reel it in.

But not only do they know Deric.

(It's always extra funny when you know the person in question)

But they're feeding off of each other's laughter.

In, like, a hysterical feedback loop.

And it doesn't just infect them, because it's almost impossible to watch this video and not laugh yourself.

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