Oscar Nominees Read Mean Tweets: Go F--k Yourself, Ryan Gosling!

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The moment that stole the show at the 2017 Academy Awards was a decidedly unscripted one:

The announcement for the night's top honor was botched in epic fashion, leading to La La Land being announced as Best Picture, when the voters had actually selected Moonlight.

But once it was all sorted out and the Steve Harvey jokes were made, the right film took home the Oscar, and everyone was happy.

Well, except for the people who were digitally roasted in the evening's Mean Tweets segment.

If you're a regular Jimmy Kimmel Live! viewer, you know that the late night host and noted Matt Damon hater regularly has celebrities read Twitter's harshest burns about themselves on his show.

Ryan Gosling Mean Tweets

Last night, he subjected recent Oscar nominees to the same treatment, and while the tweets were arguably milder than usual, it was still fun to see Hollywood's best and brightest react to harsh observations to the tune of "Everybody Hurts."

"Samuel L. Jackson has resting fart face," tweeted one online insult comic.

"Emma Stone looks like a crack whore in every role she plays," observed another aspiring Don Rickles.

Of course, real talent is when you can use one Oscar winner to insult another, like the hero who tweeted:

"Casey Affleck is the real life version of Billy Bob Thornton's character in Sling Blade."

God bless you, sir.

Check out the rest of the roast in the clip below.

You'll never look at Lin-Manuel Miranda's haircut the same again:

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