Olivia Rox on American Idol: Do We Have a Winner?

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Okay, yes, we know.

It's a tad early.

It's a bit too soon to be crowning an American Idol champion for Season 15, considering there have been two whole episodes worth of auditions so far.

Still, we're gonna go ahead and call it now: Olivia Rox is going to win!


It’s hard not to be excited over the 16-year old after she tried out in San Francisco and told the judges that she had watched American Idol since she was a “whippersnapper.”

She was in clearly in awe of Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban, but Rox didn't let nerves get in the way of an incredible performance.

The teenager and her pink highlights sat a piano and gave us a bluesy, powerful cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man," which prompted Connick, Jr. to refer to her as an “extraordinarily talented kid."

Olivia received unanimous approval from all three panelists afterward and is on her way to Hollywood.

She also praised the inaugural American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson at the outset of her audition, which actually caused the beloved artist to Tweet afterward:

"Olivia, we have got to meet! So flattered that such a talented girl likes anything I’ve ever done."

So... yeah. Olivia Rox is clearly a winner already.

Watch snippets from her inspiring audition now:

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