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Nicole Trunfio has gone from being a relatively unknown model to being one of the most outspoken advocates of breastfeeding in Hollywood.

The model recently covered an issue of Elle Australia while providing her infant son with sustenance.

Like so many female celebrities before her, Trunfio has since received praise for breastfeeding in public… along with criticism from those who believe this should be a private act.

"I didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal," Trunfio told Good Morning America on Tuesday.

"There’s nothing worse than, as a mother, doing something that’s so necessary like feeding your child and feeling like somebody could have an opinion about it or somebody’s looking at you the wrong way.

"I think it should be something that isn’t a [subscriber’s cover], it’s a huge part of being a woman and motherhood."

Trunfio went on to say the breastfeeding snapshot wasn’t even planned or contrived ahead of time.

How did it come about? Check out these photos of celebrities breastfeeding and check out the interview above for the answer.