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All season long, Teresa Giudice has not been a happy camper.

Sure, she loves Luis, but she is mad at her brother Joe, she’s furious with Margaret, and she seems sort of "over" a lot of what goes with the show.

There are a few solutions to that, one of which being just having a better attitude.

But Melissa has another suggestion: if Teresa is so tired of being a Real Housewife, why not just quit RHONJ?

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Melissa Gorga tuned in to The Wendy Williams Show to chat with the not-so-titular host Michael Rapaport.

There was a lot to discuss, from Andy Cohen throwing a mini-tantrump as the ladies yelled over each other to Joe Gorga storming off stage.

On a very personal note for Melissa, Teresa had expanded her wedding party to include almost everyone imaginable … except Melissa.

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"I’ve never seen Andy react this way," Melissa admitted. "He was so annoyed."

She explained: “Everyone was really over-talking one another, he couldn’t get a word in edgewise and he just lost it.”

Understandable. Honestly, it’s surprising that he is as patient as he is with these often unruly casts.

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Melissa also spoke about Joe having stormed off of the set, sharing that Andy was very affirming and chased after him.

“He was very, very insulted," she acknowledged. "He is not there cuz he wants to all the time."

Melissa added: "I think people get that misconstrued, that he’s just there because he wants to hang with the girls. Joe is an actual cast member on the show.”

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As for the main event, all season long, we’ve seen Teresa freak out and turn livid over people trying to "pop" her "love bubble."

In other words, just asking questions.

As was pointed out during the season, how are her castmates supposed to "just get to know" Luis, as she asked, without asking him anything?

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Melissa diplomatically stated in her interview that Luis "says all the right things."

That can be praise or shade.

“He seems like he’s into it. He’s in love with her," Melissa said. "They seem like they’re very happy together so I wish them the best."

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All of those well wishes are fine, but Melissa confirmed that things are awkward.

Margeret, with whom Melissa is closest of all of the cast, is "still not on speaking terms" with Teresa, even months after the "rough" Reunion.

“I think Margaret was asking a lot of questions," Melissa noted. "Obviously, Teresa hates that."

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"But they were valid questions… You’re on a reality show,” Melissa explained.

“Whatever’s going on on the web and on the internet and in the press, we’re going to ask you about," she reasoned.

Melissa acknowledged: "We all have to discuss anything that goes on.”

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“I do think that she’s come to a point where she doesn’t enjoy it anymore," Melissa observed of her sister-in-law.

"And it’s very obvious that she doesn’t enjoy it,” she added.

Melissa pointed out: “She doesn’t want to do a lot of the activities that we do."

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"She didn’t want to sing with us. She didn’t want to climb the trees with us," Melissa listed.

"She kind of rolls her eyes to everything," she characterized.

Melissa concluded: "So I think that if it is making her unhappy and she has a guy who’s financially stable and they want to be happy, then she should do that. Why do this if you don’t need to?”