Melissa Carone, Unhinged "Voter Fraud" Witness, Will Not Stop Talking

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You don't have to know Melissa Carone by name to know who she is. Her rant at a Michigan hearing on "voter fraud" went beyond viral.

She's going to seize every second of her "15 minutes" ... but she's absolutely not going to get tested for COVID-19.

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Melissa Carone's Michigan testimony on the absurd "voter fraud" that she claimed to have witness was can't-miss content.

Why? Because it sounded like the ravings of someone who had lost touch with reality. (Because it was)

She claimed to have seen tens of thousands of ballots "at least" removed, carted in, replaced, tossed into rivers.

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Like the rest of the claims of massive voter fraud made by the increasingly desperate outgoing Trump administration, Carone's nonsense has been debunked.

She has been asked if she was drunk during that testimony, which would at least have explained her demeanor if not her claims.

Carone has insisted that she was not, that this is simply who she is and how she acts. Wow.

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Carone's outlandish claims were parodied by the talented and beautiful Cecily Strong on Saturday Night Live.

It may surprise some to hear that Carone has said that she enjoyed Cecily's portrayal, claiming that the two of them look very similar.

We know this because Carone is still opening her mouth and speaking to any outlet that will give her the time of day.

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So who exactly is offering Carone a microphone and inviting her to go hogwild?

A bunch of national newspapers, numers TV news programs, and Sarah Palin's website.

That last one is what will offer you real clues as to the kind of thing that Carone has to say.

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For one thing, she insists that COVID-19 was invented in a laboratory ... one that she insists was funded by President Barack Obama.

Speaking of the virus, she says that she will not be tested for the virus.

This is particularly serious, given that she was seated beside amateur Nosferatu impersonator and disgraced former mayor Rudy Giuliani, who of course was recently hospitalized for the virus just days later.

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According to Carone, her hesitancy to get tested is because she does not "trust" tests for the virus.

She says that only a pro-Trump television network, such as Newsmax or One America News, or the soon-to-be-former President himself could convince her to get tested.

“I would take it seriously if it came from Trump, because Trump cares about American lives,” she announced.

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Some quick fact-checks, starting with no, COVID-19 was not invented in a lab. Humans cannot engineer a virus like this yet. The technology just isn't there.

Second, while many tests do return with false positives (the cheaper and faster the test, the less accurate the results), the solution is just to take multiple tests while self-isolating.

Finally, Carone's claim that Donald Trump "cares about American lives" is transparently false. For evidence, we would like to cite ... you know, everything, this whole crisis.

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Of course, after Carone's eyebrow-raising claims went viral, it came to the world's attention that she has a criminal history.

She has previously been charged with obscenity and computer crime as part of some tangled drama involving her fiance's ex-wife.

Carone has insisted that she is not responsible ... but also agreed to plead to the lesser charge. Meanwhile, the ex says that the couple have subjected her to torment.

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Carone's claims of a widespread conspiracy theory somehow involving everyone responsible for vote-counting are not viable.

Despite this, Donald Trump has continued to make absurd claims in and out of court in multiple battleground states, protesting against President-Elect Joe Biden's massive margin of victory.

While even his own appointees to the Supreme Court aren't willing to humor this, lunatics like Melissa Carone exist, and there are more of them than any of us would like to believe.

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