Laura Ingraham SLAMS Ariana Grande as "Spoiled, Entitled"

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Laura Ingraham is not very happy with Ariana Grande at the moment.

The conservative talk show host was asked about Grande's anti-American comment on Fox & Friends and responded with the 90-second long diatribe we've posted above.

Ingraham referred to Grande as "another spoiled, entitled pop princess who’s benefited so lucratively from being in this country, being American...

"Yet when she doesn’t think anyone is listening, she hates America. They’re all fat, stupid, don’t eat organic, they eat stuff like ramen noodles and mac n’ cheese."

As a quick refresher: Grande was caught on camera inside a donut shop this week, reacting to a tray of those delicious treats and saying she hates America in response.

Grande has since apologized for the scandal.

Concluding that the same fans who bought the artist's hit record also eat jelly donuts, Ingraham ended her rant with:

"Maybe you should return the money to people who like jelly donuts who also like Ariana Grande Estupido – Estupida!"

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