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Kylie Jenner has grown especially famous of late for the giant lips on her mouth.

But the teenager is in the news today for a different mouth-related reason; namely, how she used hers to tell off a member of the so-called press.

While out and about in Miami over the weekend, Jenner was heading for her car when a paparazzo gave her a hard time by stating more than once “what that mouth do.”

It’s unclear what the man meant by the reference, but most assume it was a sexual reference to Tyga, especially after that artist’s X-rated, Kylie-based rap went viral.

"Get the f-ck out of my face," Kylie responded to the heckler – and, really, can you blame her?

We aren’t Kylie’s biggest fan, but she should be able to walk to her vehicle in peace.

Check out the footage now.