Watch Kris Jenner Take a Pie in the Face on KUWTK!

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Oh, my. Has it come to this?

In a trailer for tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, sisters Kourtney and Kim quiz their mom Kris Jenner on the details of their lives.

For every answer she gets incorrect, Kris receives punishment in the form of a water balloon dropped on her head or a pie in the face.

What a waste of a good pie.

"What's my due date?" asks a pregnant Kim. 

"December the 24th," replies Kris.


"What's North's middle name?"



Wow. I mean, we knew the show has seen a prominent dip in ratings this season, but resorting to hokey, outdated, Benny Hill-style slapstick has got to be a new low.

After 11 years on the air, it seems they've exhausted all the ridiculous yet eyeball-grabbing storylines.

Kim is now happily married with kids. Kourtney ditched the douchebag. Caitlyn Jenner's got her own show. 

All that adds up to BORING.

Kylie Jenner's rocky romance to D-list rapper Tyga gave the show a little boost, but it now seems like he may be out of the picture, too.

I can only envision Kris and Ryan Seacrest sitting around dreaming up new plots for the failing show.

Fairytale wedding? Been there. Philandering boyfriends? Done that.

I know! Let's hurl soft gag props at Kris that will in turn mess up her hair and makeup!

Watch the pathetic events below:

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