SNL NAILS "The Bachelor" Parody - Watch!

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If you're a fan of The Bachelor - and most especially if you're not - you will laugh your junk off at Saturday Night Live's hilarious take on the "reality" show.

Entitled "Bland Man," a jab at this season's (like most seasons) bachelor Ben Higgins' generic good looks and equally generic personality, the show's tagline sums it all up perfectly:

"One very bland man, 25 long-haired women. Who will he choose to be his bride?"

The sketch takes us through a series of one-on-ones with "Dan" (played by Taran Killam) and the would-be brides, each interrupting another's conversation in true Bachelor fashion with, "Can I steal him for a sec?"

The ladies reference the outlandish "dates" they go on, such as "taking a hot air balloon with the cast of Chicago Fire" and "going to your old high school and watching you cry."

Cecily Strong mimics this year's Lace as The Crazy One, getting irate over nothing then apologizing with: 

"Sorry I got mad, that's not me. Well, it is me, but I'm doing a bad job hiding it." 

There's even a shout out to Olivia's "fat toes" fiasco. Aidy Bryant's character emotionally confesses:

"I have to be completely honest with you. I have one enormous toe. Like, it's so big, and I've been so self-conscious about it my entire life. I need you to see it."

She then produces a toe the size of Houston, causing Dan to scream out in horror.

Possibly the best line came from Sasheer Zamata. After Dan asks her to tell him about herself, she responds with this gem:

"Well, I'm the black one."

It's an obvious jab to the show's tradition of an all-white cast spiced up with one token minority to avoid public backlash.

The reason this sketch is so funny is because it's not far off from what really happens on The Bachelor.

Hand-picking 25 women based on their likelihood to cause drama, forcing them to live together then pitting them against one another in an array of contrived, sensationalized situations in order to "win" a groom is comedy in and of itself.

Watch below:

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