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For ages, Kris Jenner has lorded over her family’s annual Christmas Eve party with an iron fist.

In this Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek, Kim confronts Kris, hoping that Kanye can make the Kardashians cool again.

Kim wants control of the party. She wants to throw it at her house. And the request reduces Kris to tears. See for yourself:

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What’s most important about the beginning of this sneak peek is that Kim Kardashian is very evidently in a foul mood.

Kris openly acknowledges this, trying to broach the subject of the Christmas Eve party during what she sarcastically calls Kim’s "delicious mood."

"Well," Kris says. "You’re a little tough on me as far as doing the same thing every year."

"So," she continues. "I just don’t want to disappoint anybody."

Kim explains: "I just think the kids have evolved from just, like, having it be your friends. Because it’s kind of this older party."

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Kris gets defensive, noting that there are "reindeer" and "hotdog-on-a-stick."

Kim gets real with Kris, saying: "There’s literally people we don’t know."

"Our Christmas Eve party was a fun party that, I just remember it, being friends and family and my grandparents and cousins," Kim recalls.

Kim explains to the camera: "It was just the best night ever."

"But," she laments. "My mom’s been doing it for so long that it’s turned into something different."

"Like, it’s just kind of a party mostly for my mom," Kim observes. "And mostly her friends."

Kim Kardashian Wants a New, Better Party
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Viewers are then treated to a flashback, in which Kim pitches these same complaints to her sisters and her grandmother, who agree.

"We want it to be a place that we can just have fun, and it’s all of our friends," Kim expresses.

She adds: "And definitely family, and my mom’s friends too."

"So," Kim says. "We can have a good time and really just enjoy each other."

Speaking to Kris at the table, Kim suggests: "The time has come that … maybe we switch the location, and we have it here, at our house."

"I know Kanye, like, loves to put things together," Kim says.

Oh dear.

"So," she continues. "If he knows that we’re doing the Christmas Eve party, he’ll have, like, so many ideas."

"And we just have a different vibe," Kim says. "And different energy."

Dragon energy, right?

This is where it gets confrontational, because Kim tells Kris in no uncertain terms: "We all, collectively — all the siblings feel that way."

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Kris slowly cracks a smile, and says: "So, I’m outnumbered."

"You’re outnumbered," Kim confirms.

"Well," Kris says honestly. "That makes me sad."

Seeing that she has already won, Kim tries to be gracious.

"I want you to give us your blessing," Kim hastily tells her mother. "I don’t want to just steal it from you."

Kim Kardashian Has Already Won

"No," Kris says. "I want you guys to be able to do this ’til you’re my age and one of your kids takes over."

That’s a not-so-subtle reminder that Kim won’t be young and relevant forever, may one day find herself in this position.

"That’s the whole … that’s the joy," Kris says.

Kris then admits: "It’s just the thought of actually not doing it at my house. … I’m getting emotional."

Tearing up, she explains that it’s not just a party — and she’s crying because this is a "changing of the guards."

This is a huge milestone for her family.