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On Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiere, the world learned that Kim Kardashian tested positive for Lupus antibodies.

That’s scary. And even if it turns out to be a false positive, it probably means that she has something seriously wrong.

In an interview on the Today Show, Kim is opening up about her treatment and how her health is now.

"I did find out, we’re gonna talk about it next Sunday," Kim reveals on Today.

Note that she’s essentially saying that she’ll discuss it here, but some details will be a Keeping Up With The Kardashians exclusive.

"I was able to find an amazing doctor, Dr. Wallace," she shares.

"And," she announces. "We figured out what the problem is."

Hey, at least it’s not a medical mystery. Those happen — even to the wealthy and famous — and can ruin lives.

As we saw previously, Kim had experienced swelling in her wrists and joints.

This can be a sign of various autoimmune disorders.

The screening of her blood came back positive for antibodies associated with Lupus and with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Both are conditions in which the immune system attacks the body, mistaking friend for foe.

Either can be debilitating conditions, even for someone of Kim’s unlimited resources.

"And," Kim shares. "I unfortunately had to get put on medication to stop the symptoms."

"I tried everything natural for the longest time," she insists.

(Note: being put on medication isn’t unfortunate, it means that there’s a treatment specifically designed for what you have — that’s good!)

"We chose the best route for me," Kim asserts. "So luckily everything’s under control."

That is very lucky. Just think of what someone without her money or health insurance would be going through right now.

"But autoimmune issues are really scary," Kim acknowledges.

"And when something happens," she continues, before transitioning to talk about the tension before you get that final diagnosis.

"When you get a diagnosis," Kim expresses. "I didn’t realize I would be one of ‘those people.’"

"But, before I knew what it was, when it’s really up in the air, you get in your head," she explains.

"And you create — you think of every worst possibility of what’s gonna happen and how you’re gonna live your life," Kim shares.

"And you really do get into this little depression for a minute," Kim admits.

Well of course you do!

"I got myself out of it," Kim concludes. "But it was really scary to have to go through that."

She still has not revealed her diagnosis, but we’re glad to hear that she is managing it with medication.

We’ll all find out the verdict on Sunday night’s new episode. Kris wouldn’t have it any other way.