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Abby Lee Miller spent months paralyzed during and after her harrowing battle with cancer. Fans feared she would never stand, walk, or dance again.

Now, in an appearance on The Doctors, Abby is taking a major step — literally — in her recovery.

Watch the video and see her walk again for the very first time!

52-year-old Abby Lee Miller returned to Dance Moms months ago to impart some wisdom and some terror upon young girls.

But she very conspicuously did so in a wheelchair.

Abby has made a lot of progress in her lengthy recovery, however.

So much so that she’s ready to go on television and do much more than discuss her cancer battle and the aftermath.

In this clip, Abby rises to standing and even takes her first steps.

It’s a very tense moment — because not even Abby knows if she can do it.

"Everybody put your hands together and pray," Abby asks of her audience.

“This is so scary," the reality star confesses. "You have no idea."

Seated along the array of doctors, Abby is of course in her wheelchair.

A walker is placed in front of her to give support and balance.

Abby’s feet touch the ground firmly — a feat that might have proven impossible just one year ago.

You can see the focus, the effort, and the concentration on Abby’s face as she wills herself to rise.

Standing after months — or more — of paralysis is not a matter of willpower or personal courage.

But it takes a great deal of both to, after extensive healing and physical therapy, rise up from your chair in front of an audience and numerous cameras.

Abby does it, however, and rises to standing.

That’s not the test, however. The true test is seeing whether or not she can then walk.

Abby’s months of hard work during her recovery have paid off.

Before the audience’s very eyes, she steps forward.

Her movements may be labored, but she’s doing more than just shuffling — she’s really, truly walking.

And yes, she’s walking using a walker — a necessary tool at this stage and a vital safety device.

But that doesn’t diminish this milestone in her recovery.

When Abby first reported to the hospital in early 2018, she had noticed a creeping paralysis, particularly in her arm.

Doctors performed spinal surgery, expecting to find and clear out an infection.

What they found instead was Burkitt lymphoma, a cancer that is extremely rare in adults, and usually found among children in Africa.

Abby underwent chemo, radiation therapy, and a second excruciating spinal surgery.

That she even felt well enough to return to Dance Moms was extraordinarily good news.

Photo via ABC

While on The Doctors, Abby’s doctor reveals that — though she has missed some screenings — she appears to still be in remission.

(Abby, go to your screenings! No matter how well you feel!)

However you may feel about her demanor on her show or how she treats children, no one in the world deserves cancer.

Her recovery is fantastic news and we look forward to future milestones.