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Are you ready to have some Kocktails with Khloe?

Khloe Kardashian, that is, in case we weren’t being clear.

The reality star previously teased her upcoming Web program by sitting inside a martini glass, but now we know the reason why she was sitting inside said martini glass:

It was part of the following trailer, which Khloe debuted via her Twitter account this week.

What can fans expect from the eight-episode show, which premieres on January 20 on something called FYI?

“A little too many cocktails and you play these fun drinking games and you just start spewing out the craziest stories, and that’s what the talk show is based around," Kardashians explains in the teaser.

"It’s based around one of the dinner parties I have at my house.”

Sounds like fun!

Unfortunately, recent rumors say no one really wants to attend these filmed dinner parties. But whatever.

We’d totally sit back and watch Khloe get sloshed all by herself, wouldn’t you?

It can’t go any worse than her stint as host of The X-Factor Season 1, can it?

Previously, of course, Kris Jenner hosted a talk show that lasted for only a handful of episodes and which may go down as the worst thing to ever air on television… and that includes the sitcom 2 Broke Girls!

So Khloe’s mom was at least kind enough to set the bar VERY low.

We’ll be curious to see if Khloe can rise above it.