Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt: On Bad Terms?

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So...these two were at odds, but I'm not sure anyone was aware.

A preview for an upcoming episode of Kendra On Top features a Come to Jesus between Kendra Wilkinson and her former Girls Next Door co-star/Playboy Mansion roommate, Bridget Marquardt.

Marquardt agreed to a reunion with Wilkinson, who moved out of the Playboy Mansion and married former NFL star Hank Baskett in 2009.  

Things between the two women went sour, but Marquardt had no idea why.

"When I saw things like, 'Well, we were never friends,' and, 'She's not appreciative,' and things like that, I'm thinking all the things that we did together – like all the time at the mansion, from all the traveling around the world," Marquardt explained to Wilkinson.

"We weren't always best friends, but we definitely had each other's back, and I definitely consider you a friend." 

Wilkinson admitted to totally f***ing up on their friendship.

"You know, I did have – as we all did, probably, a hard time transitioning into like a world outside the mansion," she confessed.

"When I was saying those things, it was more about like, trying to distance myself from the mansion as much as I could, which was the wrong thing to do."

During her one-on-one confessional, Wilkinson fessed up to totally dropping the ball.

"Bridget's right. She was part of very special moments in my life that really meant a lot to me."

One person Wilkinson will likely never speak to again?  Her other roommate, Holly Madison.

"There was never a moment where I can say she felt real to me," Wilkinson told Marquardt of Hugh Hefner's former "#1" girlfriend, who wrote a scathing tell-all about her time at the Playboy Mansion.

Watch the preview below.

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