Kendra Wilkinson on Holly Madison Memoir: More Like "Up the Wrong Hole" Amiright!?

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Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson traded barbs online Monday as one of THG's favorite feuds for the ages resurfaced once again.

And man alive, was this a beautiful thing.

Kendra and Holly Picture

Once co-stars on The Girls Next Door, and in Hugh Hefner's odd sexual life, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson have long been at odds.

Despite a period of relative peace between them, an exchange on Twitter last night proves that those old wounds have still not healed.

At all. 

First, Kendra teased fans, encouraging them to watch Kendra on Top online by saying she was meeting up with someone "from the past."

Obviously, someone from the past could mean anyone - and preferably, it would be Ava London - but Holly was Twitter's best guess.

When one fan suggested Madison, though, Holly was quick to shut down speculation - personally, concisely and with zero love lost ...

Def Not Me!

Madison's response didn't sit well with Kendra.

Wilkinson lashed back in a series of tweets, suggesting that Holly's attention-grabbing memoir Down the Rabbit Hole is a "book of lies."

According to Kendra, Holly's controversial tell-all book of Playboy tales and tail should really have been called Up the Wrong Hole instead ...

Is this thing on? Seriously, she tweeted that.

Okay then. Wilkinson quickly issued a mea culpa (of sorts) and scrubbed the tweet from her timeline, but it was documented of course.

Behold, her comeback, preserved for posterity:

Up the Wrong Hizzole

The two were never tight, but the feud really blew up last year with Holly's book and the "sense of entitlement" she ascribed to Kendra.

"I don't miss her," Madison said.

Holly - Hugh's "#1 girlfriend" at the time - says when K-Dubs arrived, she asked for a big room, a new car and money to fix her teeth.

Is that true? We may never know, but Kendra has alleged that Holly is just bitter at Hef, with whom Wilkinson has remained very tight.

On Kendra on Top, Wilkinson has mused about a potential reunion with all three Girls Next Door beauties and their mutual ex, Hefner:

"Honestly, it's being talked about right now but it's highly unlikely. There are some people onboard, [but] I don't know if everybody is onboard."

"I would never be worried running into her, but I do have a couple wonders," Kendra says of Holly. "I guess I'd point out a couple things."

"I have my side, you know? I would say, look, some of the things she wrote about, she didn't actually see. She just kind of assumed."

"She wrote this so it would demonize me, yet I have my version of the story. It's just wrong to write about things out of my character."

"[That is not who] I am."

"It just goes to show that, once again," Kendra concludes, "we were never friends. At the end of the day, everybody has their side."

So there you go. What's done is done, what's tweeted will live forever in the online ether and on this website, and the tension lingers.

As for who she actually is meeting with, the other member of Hef's infamous threesome Bridget Marquardt could be the best guess.

Who knows. But we can only hope Holly has a few drinks and fires back online later today, because they need to keep this beef going.

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