Kelly Ripa Just Brought Up Michael Strahan's Divorce

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Michael Strahan either has to get the heck away from Live! as soon as possible.

Or he has to stay there forever.

Because things are starting to get awkward, in the most awesome way possible for viewers.

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On this morning's telecast, Ripa introduced a story she wanted to share with the audience by asking for Strahan's take on it.

It was about something called "bird nesting," which is apparently some new trend among divorced parents and how they handle their kids, and Ripa brought it up by saying the following:

"There’s a great article in the paper, and I want to get your take on it ’cause I don’t have a take on it, but I want yours. So you’ve gotten divorced..."

You HAVE to see Strahan's reaction to this personal topic being broached in front of millions of viewers.

For anyone who thinks the show is scripted, this clip will prove otherwise... because Strahan clearly had no idea Ripa was about to mention his split from his wife.

Strahan, of course, announced last week that he is leaving Live! for a full-time gig on Good Morning America.

He was initially supposed to stick around until September, but his departure date has since been moved up to May 13 because... well...

... Because Ripa and Strahan clearly hate each other.

Also awkward? Neither Ripa nor Strahan has mentioned the fact that Michael is leaving in just a couple weeks now.

Seriously, forget Scandal or Game of Thrones.

This has turned into the most must-watch show on television.

Sources say that Ripa is a demanding diva and that there's been tension behind the scenes for years and we really have no idea what to believe.

All we know is that it doesn't get much more awkward than what you are about to see below:

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