Kelly Dodd: REALLY Engaged to Rick Leventhal After Just Two Months?!

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It's probably true that Kelly Dodd has never even had a threesome, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't chase down romance.

She has been dating Rick Leventhal for a couple of months, and has now revealed that she's engaged.

Some fans think that she's joking. Castmates Vicki and Tamra think that she's lying, drunk, or both.

Kelly Dodd Talks

Kelly Dodd was giving boyfriend Rick Leventhal a rave review on Instagram when one of her followers chimed in.

The fan appreciated how Rick is "normal and works for Fox,’ which the fan expressed meant that he earned a “10/10 perfect score."

While not everyone would consider a Fox News correspondent to have a normal or even acceptable job, Kelly's reply was a massive shocker.

Kelly wrote: "that’s weird because we are getting married 10/10/2020."

Announcing an engagement was surprising enough. Announcing the wedding date was absolutely mind-boggling.

Andy Cohen and Vicki Gunvalson, WWHL september 2019

Kelly's rivals from The Real Housewives of Orange County aren't buying Kelly's announcement for a second.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen (who's still trying to make that beard happen) asks what the ladies think of Kelly's post.

"They just met!" Tamra Judge screeches from the audience, where she is wearing a mic. "They just met!"

"I'm literally in shock," Vicki -- who looks great, by the way -- admits to Andy.

"Like, it is ridiculous," the OG in the OC points out. "I don't even think it's been two months."

Vicki Gunvalson is in Shock

When Andy asks Vicki and Tamra whether they think that Kelly's announcement was real, they give similar answers.

"I think Kelly wants to be married," Vicki expresses.

"No," Tamra says immediately. "She was probably drunk."

"You saw her this season asking, um, Doctor Brian about rings," Vicki points out.

Tamra cracks: "She's been reading Brandi [Glanville]'s book: Tweeting, Drinking, and Tweeting," Tamra suggests.

Tamra Judge Screeches From the Audience

"Oh my god," Andy marvels. "You're in a Twitter war with Brandi but you're also plugging her book. I like it!"

Yes, Tamra and Brandi's Twitter feud has been vicious on both sides.

Vicki then gets into a bit of flirtation with Andy's other guest, but we're reasonably confident that it's going nowhere -- for a lot of reasons.

Still, Vicki never gave a solid "yes" or "no" as to what she believes that Kelly really meant by her comment.

Is she just desperate enough to be married that she'd make up a wedding date as a joke?

Or ... is she desperate enough to be married that she's already engaged to a man she's known for only a couple of months?

Vicki Gunvalson Says It's Ridiculous

In case you hadn't noticed, Kelly has very much broken things off with Doctor Brian.

(A shocking number of people who follow Kelly on Instagram apparently can't be bothered to keep up with her life; Instagram is where she announced the split)

In a vague video that appeared to be filled with alcohol, she announced her breakup to her fans and followers.

While it's true that she was strongly fishing for an engagement a few months ago, clearly something had changed.

Kelly intimated that Doctor Brian knew exactly why she was ditching him. She did not opt to explain to her fans, however.

Kelly Dodd breaks up on Instagram Stories

Our guess? Kelly isn't engaged just yet, but decided to "joke" about how much she'd like to marry Rick.

You know, like when two friends "joke" about wanting to bone the other and it's all fun and games until the other suggests that they're down for it?

Well, that may be Kelly's situation.

That wedding date will remain a "joke" right up until Rick goes "actually, want to really do it?"

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