Kareem Hunt, Star NFL Running Back, Brutalizes Woman in Surveillance Video

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Kareem Hunt, one of the top running backs in the National Football League, has been caught in the act.

And the act is really quite awful.

TMZ has obtained footage of Hunt violently beating a woman inside of a Cleveland hotel this past February.

Kareem Hunt

The surveillance footage is from February 10 at 3:22 a.m., to be exact, and it clearly depicts Hunt arguing with an unidentified 19-year old female.

We see the Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro confronting his victim and then shoving her very hard, prior to the woman striking Hunt in the face.

At this point, truly loses it: he pushes one of his friends into the woman and then kicks her while she's crouching on the floor.

Law enforcement was called to the scene, but no arrests were made.

Hunt, who led the entire league in rushing last year, was not suspended by the NFL nor disciplined in any significant way by the Chiefs.

In August, team CEO Clark Hunt publicly stated in August he doubted Hunt would be suspended, meaning he was well aware of at least some kind of incident.

hunt image

We do not know if he saw this video or if anyone in the league office has seen the video.

The situation is reminiscent of what transpired with Ray Rice.

Also a talented running back in 2014, Rice was suspended for two games for punching his girlfriend.

But then this CRAZY footage of Rice knocking her unconscious went public and the league increased its penalty, causing many to wonder why the NFL needed videographic evidence when Rice had already admitted to punching his loved one. 

Commissioner Roger Goodell has become infamous for failing to appropriately deal with players who beat women.

k hunt

At the time of this Hill incident, the woman told police the entire thing started because Hunt kicked her out of his room after she refused to hook up with one of the men in his entourage.

Sounds very classy of him.

In December of 2014, meanwhile, Hunt's wide receiver teammate Tyreek Hill - then a star on Oklahoma State University’s football and track teams - was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

According to reports, he allegedly punched and choked his girlfriend... who was pregnant at the time.

Watch the video now to be very disgusted by Kareem Hunt.

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