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Justin Bieber took to The Today Show stage in New York City this morning in order to perform his new hit, "What Do You Mean?"

But there was no mistaking what Bieber meant when he finished the song and then confronted one of the cameraman on hand to film the routine.

Displeased with the proximity of the camera, Bieber is seen here and heard complaining on a live microphone.

"Next time I won’t dance because the camera’s here the whole time. Might as well not dance. What do I do this for if they’re just gonna…" the singer said, before the show cut away to commercial.

And, no, the footage doesn’t make Bieber look very good.

But remember a couple years ago? When Bieber was confronted by a cameraman in London and flipped the heck out? It’s safe to say he’s come a very long way since then.