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Weeks ago, we reported that Mama June Shannon’s daughters were getting plastic surgery glow-ups of their own.

Now, Jessica and Anna are both happily and enthusiastically showing off the results with before-and-after photos!

The two eldest daughters of the infamous and deeply troubled June Shannon gave The Daily Mail TV a look at their process, from start to finish.

As you can see in the video that we have included, a lot of money went into making their dreams come true.

Jessica Shannon opted for weight-reduction procedures.

Her inspirations were a lifelong struggle with her body image and her desire to become a plus size model.

Jessica is seeking a boost to her self-esteem and some real encouragement as she embraces a healthier lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Anna Cardwell has her own motives for her own procedures.

She says that she lacks confidence in her body and herself.

Anna has recently gone through a divorce and would, frankly, joked that this is "going to make her boyfriend very happy."

Both adult sisters admitted that they were nervous about the pain of recovery.

Notably, there are also real risks to undergoing surgery.

Any time that doctors put you under, there is a chance that you might not wake up again.

Nonetheless, they powered through their pre-surgery jitters and through the massive price tags.

Pursuant to her goals of weight loss, Jessica’s doctors inserted an orbera balloon into her stomach.

It is a type of gastric balloon (obviously) designed to occupy space within the stomach to limit food intake.

As some people are genetically hardwired to not feel "full" as easily as others, this can help artificially induce a sense of "fullness" for weight loss.

But fat cells do not magically disappear, no matter how many pounds one sheds, so Jessica also underwent another procedure.

"And then also, the 360 lip," Jessia reminded during her interview before her procedures.

The liposuction was performed upon her back, flanks, bra area, and abs.

Lipo removes the fat tissue itself, acting as a very effective weight loss tool as those cells are unlikely to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the procedure can have a widely feared complication: lethal fat embolisms. We are glad that Jessica did not suffer this.

Jessica also underwent a tummy tuck.

She was also given 8 veneers on her upper teeth, while her lower teeth received a laser whitening treatment.

Anna also received veneers, a whopping 16 of them.

She may have been able to go all out on veneers because her cosmetic surgery was a little cheaper than Jessica’s.

In the meantime, Anna received a breast lift and implants.

The 400cc implants were designed to increase her breast size.

Afterwards, she gleefully announced that she feels that her figure is fuller and more balanced.

She certainly looks delighted in her "after" photos.

The before and after results are dramatic.

It really goes to show you that having money matters almost as much as the genetic lottery when it comes to looking your best.

Congratulations to both of June’s eldest daughters on giving their respective flesh prisons a happy tune up.

That said … the timing and the extent of these interviews makes us wonder.

It seems very likely that this is all part of a promotional deal, and that both women had their procedures heavily discounted — if not comped.

Why? Because otherwise, nobody would be paying this much attention to the doctors or exactly what procedures went down.

So this a matter of money — affording the procedure and affording to stay out of work for the recovery time.

It’s also a matter of fame. Right now, their mother’s life is spiraling out of control. Smart of them to cash in before it’s, well, too late.