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90 Day Fiance Season 8 has only just begun.

On Episode 2, Brandon Gibbs was reunited at last with his beloved fiance, Julia Trubkina.

Julia is from Russian. Brandon is from rural Virginia.

In fact, he lives on his parents’ farm — and has no other prospects after spending so much money during his romance with Julia. Air fare is expensive.

Unfortunately for him and for Julia, this means that his controlling mother has absolute leverage to get him to do whatever she wants.

(Though it seems that she doesn’t have much difficulty; he’s resigned to it, now)

Brandon’s parents are seemingly as old-fashioned as his mom’s hairstyle, because they have announced that he and Julia will have to sleep in separate rooms on the farm.

They are grown-ass adults. They are engaged. But they’re not allowed to share a room, and Brandon is too broke to give his parents the ghosting that they deserve.

He’s also too afraid that Julia just won’t come to tell her about it.

So she has to find out the hard way .. from his parents, at dinner after she arrives.