Brandon Gibbs' Parents Interrogate Julia Trubkina on 90 Day Fiance: Just Take the Pill!

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On Season 8, Episode 2 of 90 Day Fiance, Julia Trubkina arrived in the US to see her fiance, Brandon Gibbs.

His parents were there, too. And his controlling mother began asking invasive questions and demanding that Julia go on birth control.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina make out at the airport

The moment that Julia arrived in the US from her flight to Russia was happy ... and a little horny.

She and Brandon full-on made out. While editing probably made it look like their snog sesh lasted longer than it did, they clearly missed each other.

The funniest part of that was that his parents were feet away, smiling broadly and awkwardly.

Julia Trubkina - him perfect

We have all seen beautiful 90 Day Fiance stars get off of the plane and show nothing but disdain for their betrothed.

But Julia was gushing and raving about Brandon, every bit as happy to see him as he was to see her.

A Russian go-go dancer and a rural Virginian farmboy might not seem like a perfect match, but ... stranger things have happened.

Brandon Gibbs feels put on the spot with Julia Trubkina, parents

But Brandon's parents weren't just there to give the young couple a ride.

They're like Brandon's shadow, always following his every move -- especially his mother, who clearly has control issues.

Julia may have been conciliatory in person, but to the camera, she expressed her very reasonable reaction to all of the interference.

Julia Trubkina - f--k off!! (at overplanning)

She and Brandon barely got the chance to speak to each other one-on-one (well, with cameras and producers) before his mom summoned them to dinner at the hotel.

Remember, Julia just got off of a lengthy intercontinental flight, and she and Brandon haven't seen each other in a while.

But Brandon's mom isn't just hungry for dinner. As you'll see in the accompanying video clip, she's more or less eager to ruin Julia's night.

Brandon Gibbs "blocked" by mom

Sitting down to dinner in the hotel, Brandon's mom drops the first bombshell.

She informs Julia that out of "respect" (whatever that's supposed to mean), she and Brandon must share separate rooms.

They are grown adults and they are also engaged, but Brandon's mom is treating them like they're 15.

It's hard to see what was the most shocking to Julia about this.

Was it that Brandon's mom made such a ridiculous rule? Was it that Brandon had, out of cowardice, not warned her in advance?

Or was it that, as she describes in a frustrated voiceover, Brandon just sat there and ate his food while his mother decreed how things would be.

Julia Trubkina VO - [Brandon] says "yes, of course"

While Brandon's mom seems to be as old-fashioned as her hairstyle, that was not the end of it.

The second shocker of the dinner was his mother bringing up intrusive questions about Julia and birth control.

She's not on the pill, Brandon doesn't use condoms because ... well, let's be real, they save lives but they also kinda suck ... and Brandon's mom is making this only Julia's problem.

Julia Trubkina VO - I don't like when people ask me these questions

Like any reasonable person, Julia strongly resents his mother's pushiness.

She doesn't discuss this sort of thing with her own parents, so why are they pushing it?

(As we have said repeatedly, Brandon's mom could have offered to pay for him to get a vasectomy -- easy, safe, and reversible -- which would be much less hard on him than the pill would be on Julia anyway)

Julia Trubkina - this is too much for me; I explode now

Afterwards, Brandon apologized to Julia for luring her into the trap for his mother to spring.

But it wasn't enough.

She demanded to know why he didn't just put his foot down with his meddling mother, but he replied that "no" doesn't work on her.

Julia Trubkina - I didn't hear you say no just now

One might feel sorry for Brandon's predicament if he hadn't knowingly spread the pain by bringing Julia into his sphere of influence, too.

Dealing with an overbearing control freak is one thing. Inviting someone else to live under her roof is quite another. At least warn her, first.

Julia would like to see Brandon stand up to his mom -- if he won't stand up for himself, he could at least stand up for his fiancee.

Julia Trubkina - Brandon needs to be a man

The birth control questions were weird and intrusive.

It's not that anyone wants them to get pregnant. They don't even have their own residence yet!

But Brandon's mother could talk to him about it all that she wanted. Springing the conversation on Julia was uncomfortable and wrong.

Julia Trubkina - your parents don't have to worry about pregnant

Julia then used this situation to taunt Brandon, because he had said and done nothing helpful ... and even had the gall to defend his mom.

His parents, she warned, would not need to worry about her getting pregnant at the hotel.

Why? Because she wasn't going to bone him that night -- a revelation that left Brandon feeling stunned.

Julia Trubkina - because we're not tonight

Honestly, Julia and Brandon could definitely make it down the aisle, but Brandon's mom is going to need to remember that he's a grown man.

The economy has been in shambles for years, but using that to leverage her financial stability to get her way in all things is just plain wrong, and could come back to bite her if Brandon and Julia become more independent.

People have gone no-contact with relatives for less than this -- and we're only two episodes into the season.

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