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90 Day Fiance fans have found Julia Trubkina to be one of the show’s most polarizing stars.

Some love her wit, her one-liners, and the way that she is helping to cut Brandon’s umbilical cord.

Others think that she’s selfish and alienating Brandon from his elderly parents, which they see as a bad thing.

Which is it? Julia is weighing in, after a fashion.

Julia Trubkina characterizes how people react to her baby plans

In a new video posted to Julia’s Instagram Stories, she is addressing her role on the show and in the Gibbs family.

Julia’s words are not her own, however.

She is lipsyncing (though not for her life) to a famous line from Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Julia Trubkina makes an unfortunate joke about reproductive coercion

“Is it me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. … Maybe I am," Julia lipsync’s to Scarlet Envy’s audio.

"Am I the villain? I don’t think I’m the villain,” the quote concludes.

That is topical for Julia after the end of Season 6, because … what should we think of her?

Julia was quickly a fan favorite on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

She was relatable in so many ways and went along with unreasonable demands.

Fans saw her face off with Brandon’s parents’ ridiculous behavior and they watched her be hurt when Brandon wasn’t quite as romantic as she was.

Julia Trubkina voiceover as Brandon reads vows - this is my favorite moment

Viewers were overjoyed when Brandon and Julia tied the knot, even if their wedding was a little rushed and low-key amidst the pandemic.

However, things took a turn for the worse after the Season 8 Tell All.

Julia showed an alarmingly judgmental side at the Tell All, clashing with castmates over their personal choices for cosmetic procedures.

After that, Julia’s star wasn’t quite as high in ascendance as it had been before.

People still sympathized her for having to deal with Brandon’s parents and still liked her for the most part.

But when you see someone suggesting that "go gym club" will magically fix their post-baby body … it’s not just judgmental, it’s flat-out wrong.

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

Then came Happily Ever After?, where Julia’s positively deranged jealousy issues came into play.

Clearly, production wanted this to happen and made sure that the issue came up whenever possible.

Jealousy is not flattering, especially when it’s utterly unwarranted.

Julia Trubkina - because I'm jealousy person

Then, at the Season 6 Tell All, it was revealed that Brandon’s father, Ron Gibbs, has some sort of undisclosed medical condition.

Julia did not really comment on it at the time, which some fans perceived to be heartless.

She also voiced her opposition to the idea of becoming next door neighbors with Brandon’s parents.

Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs tune in to Tell All, threaten to buy house next door

Julia explained on social media that she did not comment on Ron’s health at the Tell All to respect his wishes.

Additionally, what person in their right mind would want to live next door to their parents — even if they were better people than Betty and Ron?

Literally, newlyweds getting a house next door to one person’s overbearing parents is the punchline of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Ron Gibbs gets ridiculously angry

This brings us to the subject of who the real villains of Julia and Brandon’s storyline is.

Julia is jealous and can be judgmental. Brandon can be cold or dismissive during tense moments and is emotionally dependent upon his parents.

But Betty and Ron Gibbs are the primary antagonists of this couples’ story, and the damage that they have done to Brandon cannot be overstated.

Betty Gibbs is indignant when confronted

While we of course do not wish any harm upon Brandon’s parents (and hope that Ron makes a speedy recovery), it has to be said.

Fans have noted since last season that Betty shows many signs of being a narcissistic parent.

Together with Ron, she uses controlling and manipulative behavior — including tears, fake smiles, and apparent generosity — to get her way.

Numerous fans on social media have circulated guides to recognizing narcissistic mind games and parenting tactics in reference to Betty.

Some fans thought that Betty’s "surprise" wedding celebration for Brandon and Julia, something that she knew that they did not want, was the result of her "meaning well."

That is exactly what Betty wants people to believe.

Betty Gibbs giddy about going dress shopping with Julia

In crossing Brandon and Julia’s boundaries by doing "good" things like surprise parties, she is simply doing whatever she wants.

Then, when her son and her daughter-in-law object, she acts hurt and indignant that they don’t appreciate what she’s done.

If you look online, you can find similar horror stories. Betty is a walking talking JustNoMIL post.

Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs are stunned and angry

It’s certainly true that Brandon’s relationship with Julia has been the encouragement that he has needed to leave their home and gain some independence.

But the misplaced sense of guilt that he feels over no longer providing them with free farm labor or being there shows that emotional independence is a long way off.

Honestly? The "separate bedrooms" rule from Season 8 by itself was inexcusable. Betty and Ron, not Julia, are the villains.