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Judy Sheindlin has been laying down the law in the courtroom on Judge Judy since 1996, but a recent episode featured resolution that was a first for the iconic series.

The episode focused on two warring families as they each tried to claim ownership of a dog, and Judy had no idea who was telling the truth. 

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On one side, a woman was claiming that she purchased the dog legally and that it had become a fixture in her family. 

But she bought the dog from someone on the street for $50 and seemed to think the whole thing was not out of the ordinary. 

We’re not even kidding. 

On the other side, a man claimed the dog in question was his and that he did not agree to sell the furry friend. 

Thankfully, the dog was the brought into the courtroom and Judy demanded it be put down in the room to scurry towards its rightful owner. 

“Put the dog down,” she yells.

In one of the cutest moments to hit the internet in recent memory, the dog makes a beeline for the man who claimed to be the rightful owner and does not leave him alone. 

The man starts sobbing as he realizes he has finally been reunited with his dog. 

“He does that to everybody,” the woman on the other side claims, but Judge Judy feels like the case is over, and the dog chose its owner. 

“It’s his dog,” Judge Judy rules. “That’s all, take the dog home.”

It’s certainly a refreshing way to bring a case to a close, but was it the best course of action?

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We were skeptical at first, but the reaction of the dog was astounding when he clocked the person claiming to be his original owner. 

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