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By his own admission, Jon Stewart did not do his job on Thursday

The Daily Show host opened the latest installment of his Comedy Central program by telling the audience that he got caught in a "spiral."

He was too affected by the Charleston shooting that took nine lives earlier this week to sit around with his staff and write jokes.

“I honestly have nothing, other than sadness,” Stewart said, going on to talk about this “gaping racial wound” that “we pretend doesn’t exist.”

He then went on to pointedly label this a "terrorist attack" and wonder why we do so much to fight terrorist abroad… yet nothing to do so at home.

On Wednesday night, Dylann Roof allegedly sat inside a Charleston church for an hour before standing up and opening fire.

The killer murdered nine parishioners and reportedly told them he was doing so because they were "black."

Watch the entirety of Stewart’s remarks above and then watch President Obama also address this utterly horrific situation.