Johnny Depp Pops Up On Pirates Ride as Captain Jack, Stuns Fans at Disneyland!

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We've heard the rumors that Johnny Depp is broke, but we figured he was ... ya know, Hollywood broke.

Like, he had to limit bathing in calves' blood to once a week, or he was forced to fire his personal sock shopper.

Little did we know, that in order to finance his $30,000 a month wine habit, Depp has been reduced to glad-handing with fans at the Happiest Place on Earth, alongside a bunch of sweaty improv class instructors and guys who played a corps on Law & Order once.

We kid, of course.

Johnny Depp at the Toronto Film Festival

Depp did pop up on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland yesterday, but not because he's hard up for cash.

In all likelihood, it was part of the studio's effort to promote Pirates of the Caribbean 5: F--k It, Let's Make Another.

But maybe it's just something that Depp does for kicks when he gets bored.

After all, getting black-out, dressing up like Hunter S. Thompson and shooting off large firearms indoors must get old eventually, right?

Anyway, Depp stunned fans of the famous attraction by popping out in full Captain Jack garb and remaining in character as boatloads of tourists passed him by.

Johnny Depp in Tokyo

Whether you love Johnny or hate him, it's an awfully cool thing for an A-lister actor to do.

Of course, if a movie role made us enough money to afford a freakin' private island (and a 30 grand a month wine habit), you would literally never see us out of costume.

Check out Johnny-as-Jack in the clip below:

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