Johnny Depp Defends Spending $30,000 a Month on Wine

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If you follow his career, or if you've simply lived on planet Earth in recent years, then you're probably aware that Johnny Depp is sort of a weird guy.

Not "invites Macaulay Culkin over to check out the Elephant Man's bones" weird, but weird, nonetheless.

We recently got a glimpse into just how strange the scarf aficionado's daily life is, thanks to a lawsuit alleging that Depp has blown all his money on some profoundly weird sh-t.

Johnny Depp: Drunk?

Yes, it's hard to imagine that Captain Jack could've possibly squandered all the cash he's built up from more than a decade on the Disney roster, but apparently the life of a Hollywood weirdo is a costly one.

The news of Depp's destitution comes to us via a lawsuit the actor filed against his former management firm, TMG.

Depp claims he's on the brink of bankruptcy due to TMG's mismanagement of his massive fortune.

TMG countersued, alleging that Depp is broke because of such wild expenditures as his $30,000 a month wine habit.

Of course, it's not all expensive vino that has Depp on the verge of selling his private island.

Johnny Depp at the Toronto Film Festival

For one thing, the guy owns a private island! Can you imagine the upkeep on that thing?

TMG detailed Depp's extravagant spending in court documents, and in addition to the typical Hollywood stuff (a massive collection of antique cars), there's also some splurging that's uniquely Johnny.

For example, the suit alleges that Depp dropped major bucks to pay tribute to his friend, literary legend Hunter S. Thompson, writing:

“Depp also paid over $3 million to blast from a specially-made cannon the ashes of author Hunter Thompson over Aspen.”

That's a lot of cash, but fun fact: It doesn't crack the top 1,000 on the list of weird things that have happened to Hunter S. Thompson.

Johnny Depp: Wedding Ring Photo?

Anyway, Depp's lawyers are now firing back and claiming that TMG's allegations are nothing more than an attempt to avoid responsibility for the actor's dire financial situation:

Their latest filing claims that TMG's suit is "a plan to attempt to smear Mr. Depp” because otherwise the group has “no viable defense” for squandering his cash.

To be clear: Depp's lawyers aren't specifically claiming that he doesn't spend 30 grand a month on wine, they're just saying that's not why he's broke.

No, apparently that's all TMG's fault.

Of course, the $7 million he paid to Amber Heard in his divorce settlement probably didn't help.

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