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The show might be called Jill & Jessa: Counting On, but several other Duggar siblings have often taken center stage in their sisters’ spinoff.

Last week, we saw Jana helping Jessa with a home improvement project (and, it seems, still doing her family’s bidding).

Now, a preview for the upcoming episode shows 22-year-old Jinger coming into her own as she joins her father and brothers as a contributing partner in the family business.

Yes, clearly reality television remains the Duggars’ number one money-maker, but the family has a number of side projects (Raising 19 kids ain’t cheap!) one of which is buying and selling used cars at auction.

In the clip below, Jinger joins her brothers on the lot and gets a feel for the family business.

"I’ve never purchased a car of my own at an auction," a giddy Jinger tells the camera. "I’ve [just] been here throughout the years with my brothers and my dad."

Joseph and John-David Duggar praise their sister’s "car savvy" potential, and she certainly seems excited about the prospect of flipping a low-mileage SUV.

For now it looks like there’s no truth to those Jinger courtship rumors, but the girl has fallen in love with searching for diamonds in the rough on used car lots.

Check out the clip below for more of Jinger’s career beginnings, and watch Jill & Jessa: Counting On online to get caught up in time for this week’s episode.