Jersey Shore Trailer Teases Tears, Psychics, Parties, and Mike Sorrentino

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In September, Mike Sorrentino was finally freed from prison, and was able to reunite with his wife and friends.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation's cameras were there to capture it all, and it's all part of this teaser trailer for the new season.

On top of that, the trailer teases tears, a consultation with a psychic, and some diametrically opposed parties.

jersey shore trailer still 01

The teaser trailer begins with a shocking moment as Snooki 

"Who do you call? 911? Oh, my God!" she asks while kneeling in the grass.

We then see Deena Cortese weeping openly, though the context remains unknown.

Deena says: "I won’t be able to live with myself."

jersey shore trailer still 02

Viewers are then shown Angelina Pavarnick running, and it's presumably not to fellate an orange buffoon.

This is when Pauly D is heard saying: "Where's Angelina? She's an EMT."

Vinny then says that what happened was just an "accident" and assures Deena that she "had no control over it."

So it sounds like someone -- possibly not a human, given some odd reacitons -- was injured or killed. Maybe a bird?

jersey shore trailer still 03

In a presumably unrelated moment, the gang seeks advice from a psychic woman.

Some of her advice elicits a positive reaction, but not everything goes over well.

We then see this same psychic speaking to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, giving him some secondhand advice.

"The spirit made me feel like if you don’t make this happen, then it’s not gonna end well," she tells him.

jersey shore trailer still 04

Then it's time for Jenni to celebrate her divorce.

Divorce parties are mostly just a thing for reality stars, if largely because regular people getting divorced seldom have a budget for a party.

But she even wears a tiara as her friends toast the end of the marriage.

They all hop aboard what Pauly D refers to as a "DTF Wagon" as they party in town and go clubbing.

jersey shore trailer still 05

On the flip side, the trailer shows the mounting hype for Angelina to marry fiance Chris Larangeira.

We even get a sneak peek at her wedding dress.

Deena and Snooki join Angelina to party it up in New Orleans to celebrate what's coming.

Notably, we don't see JWoww involved, though with the kind of heavyhanded editing that teaser trailers get, that could mean anything.

jersey shore trailer still 06

Celebrating one friend's divorce and another's impending nuptials in a single season is not lost on the gang.

"If I’m DJing her wedding," Pauly D vows. "I’m not giving her the divorce party for free."

Well, in that case, let us hope that Angelina has many years to save up.

It is admittedly awkward to cheer for two diametrically opposed milestones, but that's life.

jersey shore trailer still 07

Here's where things get exciting -- and emotional.

Lauren Sorrentino picks up her husband, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, from prison.

He not only reunited with his wife, but with his friends, whom he had sorely missed while behind bars.

"Life could get no better," Mike gushes to the camera. (Awwww!)

We're all so thrilled to see Mike back with his wife and friends and loved ones, where he belongs.

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