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I’ve never, in the history of this earth, done Vegas like this.

When this beat drops, I wanna see that fist pump.

I feel like I’m in The Matrix right now, dodging all the thotties.

Well, you act like a f-ckin whore.

You’re a f-ckin psychopath.

All these hilarious/explosive lines are featured in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 posted here, as the footage gives fans a look at all the craziness to come on this revived reality show.

But there’s really just one storyline that really stands out above all…

… the drama between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley.

We’ve documented the highs and lows of this romance over the past couple months, which started with the tandem’s daughter being born in early April.

Since then, however, Ronnie and Jen have broken up and gotten back together numerous times, while also hurling seriously vicious insults at each other and even getting into physical fights.

In the clips published here, we see Ronnie actually break down while talking about custody of his child.

We also see Harley lay into Ronnie as a "psychopath."

Sad Ronnie

Elsewhere on Season 2, we’ll see the return of Angelina Pivarnick, who shocks the cast by showing up in Sin City.

During an evening out, she gets into an argument with Jen Farley, who she calls out for "acting like a f–king whore."

We also witness some unexpected tension between JWOWW and Snooki.

Later on, the veteran cast returns to the Seaside Heights, New Jersey, house where it all began.

"We’ve totally not grown up,” Farley says. “Living our best lives in our 30s – as 12-year-olds.”

Finally, just when it seems like the season can’t get any nuttier and outrageous, the preview concludes with Polizzi and Farley telling Pivarnick that she “should bang Vinny again."

Oh God.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns on MTV on Thursday, August 23, at 8/7c.