Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Introduce Ember Jean, Talk Parenting in New Video!

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Little People, Big World's Jeremy and Audrey Roloff show off their daughter Ember Jean and talk parenting in a brand new TLC video.

A brand new, adorable TLC video.

Jer, Auj and Ember

The clip shows Jeremy and Audrey introducing baby Ember and also discussing their first days parents, which were obviously eventful.

Jeremy, 27, and Audrey, 26, explain how they picked out the name for their first child, which is both unique and special to them specifically.

According to Audrey, she fell in love with Jeremy by a campfire, and “campfires and embers have a lot of significance” in their relationship.

“We just love the name. It was beautiful, short, clean, unique,” Jeremy added, noting that the “little fiery one” already lives up to it too.

Jeremy called Ember’s birth and holding her for the first time “truly remarkable experience," something any first-time parent can relate to. 

Audrey, who Jeremy said gave birth to Ember on her hands and knees, called her birth a "relief," but also, an event of "so much joy.”

Jeremy, Ember and Audrey Roloff Pic

Jeremy and Audrey were “bawling” and say they felt they were “holding a miracle” when Ember came into the world September 10.

The first month, as expected, has been full of mental and physical fatigue, or as Jeremy put it, “right now, it’s an exhausting experience.”

Audrey's health concerns (follow the link for more on Roloff's postpartum symptoms) are no joke, but she says it's 100 percent worth it.

He said they are already “wiped out and totally tired” but the “joy we are going to get from her” far exceeds any sacrifice they're making.

Despite the duo's description of the newborn as “rambunctious” and “active,” precious little Ember was asleep during most of the video.

Guess even the wild ones have to sometimes.

She's “a kicker” and “a cuddler,” according to her parents, though he noted, “right now she’s sleeping, which doesn’t happen very often.”

Audrey, Ember and Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy thanked Little People, Big World fans for their support and for following and their lives in general throughout this amazing journey.

Fans, undoubtedly, are excited to see baby Ember and baby Jackson, her cousin and the son of Zach and Tori Roloff, on TLC soon.

With a new generation of Roloffs coming into the world, not to mention Molly Roloff's wedding, there's a great deal of material for sure.

It's not clear when the popular Little People, Big World will return to the network, but we know new episodes are planned for some point.

A new video on Matt Roloff’s Facebook page indicates that filming is currently underway, so we'd have to guess sometime next spring.

We can't wait.

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