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90 Day Fiance; The Other Way Season 3 viewers all know that Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh are married.

This wedding has been a long time coming.

Jenny and Sumit made a bold choice at that time: to refuse to tell Sumit’s parents, for fear of interference.

Now that they are married, they’re bracing themselves to give the Singh family the news … on camera at the Tell All.

Sumit SIngh and Jenny Slatten are married!

Before Anil and Sahna are brought up to speed on their son’s marriage, Kenneth Niedermeier has something to say.

“His mom and dad — and especially his mom — [have] thrown everything at the relationship to break it up," he observes.

Kenneth continues: "And after 10 years, it has not done it."

Kenneth Niedermeier stresses that it's their day, Armando's day, not anyone else's

It is no surprise that Kenneth is passionate about this topic.

He dealt with some, much less difficult, family hurdles ahead of his wedding to Armando Rubio.

And Kenneth is a gay man — he has spent the vast majority of his life in a world telling him that he can’t get married.

Sumit Singh explains his fears about marriage, trauma from ex

“He’s even gotten married … to someone else," Kenneth says during the Tell All.

He’s referring to Sumit’s arranged marriage, but clearly, some of his castmates worry that he’s going to spill the beans. It’s written on their faces.

"And it almost gets to the point of cruelty to them," he adds.

Amit Singh and Sharee Singh watch uncomfortably

Sumit’s sister-in-law, Sharee, who is there with Sumit’s brother, Amit, disagrees.

She says that there has been no cruelty from Sumit’s parents towards Jenny.

According to Sharee, the "generation gap" between Jenny and Sumit is to blame for the strain, not the parents.

Sahna Singh and Anil Singh want to talk to Jenny Slatten

Shaun Robinson (who cannot possibly be getting paid enough to put up with so much with so little control) poses a question to Sumit’s parents.

“What would happen if they just said, ‘OK, it’s too bad we don’t have your blessing, we’re just gonna get married anyway?’” she asks.

According to Anil, Sumit and Jenny should be perfectly happy as things are.

Sahna Singh - even if I have 3, 4, 5 cases of diarrhea

“You people have to live together, and you’re living together. That’s all," Anil retorts.

"We are not stopping you [from living] together," he says.

Anil then asks: "Why [are you] so anxious to [be] getting married?”

Jenny’s answer is the most obvious one imaginable.

She notes that she and Sumit wish to marry because they "love each other."

Sensibly, Jenny then asks: “Why does anybody get married that loves each other? Because they want to.”

Jenny Slatten relates all of her current issues to the ISKON devotee

Interestingly, the question comes up of how Amit would have reacted if his parents had not approved of Sharee.

Amit’s response could not be more unnerving … because he says that he would not have married her without his parents’ blessing.

“I don’t know how to react because this question has never [come] across my mind,” Sharee then adds.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh sit for their wedding ceremony

Shaun then quietly nudges Sumit to seize the opportunity to break the news to his parents.

“I would like to say that I know it’s hard for you guys,” Sumit begins.

“If somebody’s talking bad about us getting married," he suggests, "it’s not gonna make a difference."

Sumit SIngh and Jenny Slatten hug, make peace

"[The] only difference [it is] gonna make [is] only if you can accept us," Sumit says.

However, he balks at actually coming clean, while Jenny is clearly also feeling emotional at this awkward moment.

The sneak peek clip cuts off there, but we’re sure that there’s more to it at the Tell All alongside plenty of other drama.