Jen Selter Kicked Off Plane By Police For Not Staying Seated

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Fitness model and social media influencer Jen Selter boasts over one million Twitter fans and nearly 12 million followers on Instagram.

Safe to say these American Airlines personnel, who kicked her off a flight from Miami to New York this weekend, aren't among them.

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Selter, 24, and her sister were sitting on a delayed flight home for more than two and half hours, according to media reports.

Despite the order given to passengers to stay seated during this delay, she got something from the overhead compartment.

A flight attendant ordered her to sit down.

At that point, Selter refused, allegedly responding that there where two other passengers currently in line for the restroom.

Then it got weird, and heated. The flight attendant asked if she wished to get off the plane, to which Selter replied, “yes.”

Selter, Jen

Moments after, she was being asked by the captain to get off the plane ... and refused, while starting to post videos on Twitter.

Selter is seen in one video admitting that she did say she wanted off, but insists that she was just being sarcastic at the time.

She continued to protest (see clip below) but police were called to the scene and she was eventually removed from the aircraft. 

“American Airlines calls the shots, they don’t want you to fly on their plane today,” a police officer told Jen before ousting her.

Selter, her sister, and another passenger who got into it, telling captain he was “harassing” Selter (below), were escorted out.

Jennifer Selter

Selter shared a video in which another young woman says the flight attendants were harassing her for no apparent reason.

Jen captioned that clip:

“Here is a video of an innocent passenger who on her own decided to get off the plane based on how badly [they] treated us all.”

After the dust settled, Selter and her sister eventually took another American Airlines flight Sunday morning to New York City. 

Check out the scene below:

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