Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera: We're Best Friends Now!

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It's funny how time can change things, isn't it?

Just a couple of short years ago, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin, the fathers of Kailyn Lowry's two sons, couldn't stand each other.

Javi Marroquin in a Cap

Javi especially wanted nothing to do with Jo, and even as Kailyn tried, time and time again, to build a friendly relationship with Jo and his new family, Javi refused.

He always said that they had no reason to be friends, that they should just coparent Isaac with Jo and go on with their lives.

On one particularly heated occasion, Javi got seriously pissed when Jo stopped by the house when he wasn't home.

It's caused a lot of tension, Javi's refusal to accept that Jo was a part of his life, but now that Javi and Kailyn are divorcing, things are changing.

Yes, now that Javi has no real reason to be nice to Jo, he is. What a world!

In this sneak from a Teen Mom 2 special titled "Greatest Guy Moments," airing tonight, Javi rides over to Jo's new house to help him move some furniture in.

Kailyn Lowry, Jo Rivera Photo

He spends the entire day helping Jo, which just goes to show how far they've come in their relationship.

It's especially nice to see since on this week's episode of the show, Isaac cried to Jo about how Kailyn didn't seem too keen about letting him see Javi anymore.

Jo promised Isaac that he'd find a way to make sure he got to spend time with his former stepfather, and it looks like he'll be able to do that now.

Check out the adorable clip of the new besties below!

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