Hottest Kiss Cam Kiss EVER Doesn't Phase Passionate Pizza Eater

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That's it! Shut it down! You can now retire the Kiss Cam, sports arenas around the world.

Because you will never be able to top the Kiss Cam moment featured below.

Yes, we've chronicled awkward/impressive/memorable moments from the history of this video feature before... but just you wait.

In the following piece of epic footage, which was taken on Tuesday night at the Atlanta Hawks playoff basketball game against the Boston Celtics, the Kiss Cam settles on to a couple who appears anything but hesitant to do as it says.

They don't just kiss. They play an intense game of sloppy tonsil hockey that leaves both gasping for air in the end.

Somehow, though, this passionate reaching of first base is only the second most noteworthy incident depicted in the video.

Because while this man and this woman are sucking each other's faces as hard as humanly possible... the woman behind them is going to town as well.

But not on another person.

On two slices of pizza.

Forget Harriet Tubman. This double-fister of a pizza consumer ought to be on the new $20 bill. She's a national treasure.

See for yourself:

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