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Honey Boo Boo doesn’t understand the criticism she’s been receiving of late.

And she’s hear to say something both confusing and pretty obvious about it.

Honey Boo Boo on Instagram

The 12-year old – who rose to prominence on the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which chronicled her life as a child beauty pageant contestant – has recently been accused online of "acting black."

We assume this is a reference to how Honey Boo Boo occasionally talks and/or perhaps the gestures she uses while doing so.

We aren’t about to step into very sensitive territory here, but let’s just say it’s not too difficult to imagine what some folks mean when they level the "acting black" accusation at Boo Boo.

(Or at anyone, really.)

Honey Boo Boo (real name: Alana Thompson) doesn’t understand, however.

She’s made that very clear in a new Instagram video.

"Let me just tell ya’ll, someone just told me to stop acting black in my comments," she says below, getting worked up and adding:

"Honey! The last thing I am is black, honey, I’m white. Look at my face, hon. I’m white."

This is empirically accurate.

"And I want to know how the f-ck you act a color?" Alana continues, legitimately unsure how people are saying what they are saying.

"Like, oh you wake up one day and be like, ‘Hm, let’s see! I’m gonna be purple!"

Not exactly, no. There’s some nuance here that Thompson appears to not comprehend.

The Boo

We’d say her mother should try to explain it to her, but June Shannon is more focused these days on losing weight than teaching her children.

Alana concludes the video as follows:

"Ho, you can’t act a color. You can be a color, but you can’t act a color."

Do you agree with this assessment?

Or do you think certain cultures do have certain ways in which they generally act or sound?

This could actually be an interesting topic of debate… if it was being started by anyone other than Honey Boo Boo.

Check out her angry message below: