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Holly Madison’s new memoir Down the Rabbit Hole received some serious backlash from both Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner.

What does she have to say about that?

Well, she’s not particularly surprised that Hef would deny her claims as "rewriting history" … what’s he could to do, admit she’s right?

That would entail confessing to offering girls "thigh openers" and making love to rooms full of women as graphic porn played on TV.

As for Kendra, Holly says that’s no shocker either, given that she’s closely aligned with Hef and "part of the Playboy machine."

Madison has called Kendra the fakest person alive and basically says Hef is a manipulative, dirty old man who is miserable in bed.

For a woman who dated him for three years and co-starred on The Girls Next Door with K-Dubs, it does seem a bit like sour grapes.

Holly says it was more cathartic than anything else, and that telling her story both heals herself and hopefully helps other models.

Kendra says Holly is all about Revenge; Hef says she’s trying to stay in the spotlight by any means necessary. Who do you believe?