Geno Doak Smokes Cigarettes For Cancer Awareness

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Geno Doak made his return to social media this week -- and folks, it was a doozy.

Doak appeared on camera to announce that he was participating in No Shave November in hope of raising money for cancer research -- and he did all of this while smoking a cigarette.

Doak, as you probably know, is the boyfriend of Mama June Shannon.

And he doesn't seem to know much about what causes cancer.

"I’m representin’ No Shave November!” Geno says proudly. 

“I ain’t got a lot of facial hair ‘n’ s**t,” he said. “I can’t grow a whole lot.”

He adds:

“Let’s all fight cancer. Donate to whatever charity y’all feel comfortable with and let’s fight cancer. I love y’all.”

You almost have to admire the ignorance.

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