Full House Stars React to Ridiculous Lifetime Movie Cast Pic

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In a new interview with E! News, Bob Saget and Jodie Sweetin make two things clear:

  1. They are very excited for the Full House spinoff coming to Netflix, on which they both will appear.
  2. They are less excited about The Unauthorized Full House Story, a television movie coming to Lifetime this summer.

The first fake Full House cast photo from that film went viral last week, with Sweetin joking to Ken Baker that the network "tried," but didn't exactly succeed in finding stars who match the original actors and actresses.

"The wardrobe, I think, is very spot on. I think Dave Coulier actually wore that shirt last week," she joked.

Saget, though, may have kept a smile on his face. But his response was far less diplomatic.

"How can you look at this? Isn't it painful? I can't look at it too long, I'll turn to salt. I can't look at it."

Check out the Q&A now.

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