Former NBA Player Says He's Slept with 341 Women

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Jason Maxiell, a former above average power forward for the Detroit Pistons, made his living in the NBA by banging around inside the paint with many large and strong men.

But the retired professional basketball player is now in the news for banging around inside a plethora of woman...

... with his penis!

annoyed wife

In a clip from some Oprah Winfrey Network show that sources say is titled “Iyanla: Fix My Life," Maxiell and his wife Brandi are sitting uncomfortably in front of host Iyanla Vanzant.

The couple, who got married in 2010 after nine years of dating and who share a six-year old son, are talking about their relationship with this random person for some reason.

Specifically, they are talking about the number of women with whom Maxiell has slept, along with the number of women he has cheated on his wife with.

Brandi thinks this latter number is eight.

That seems like eight too many, in our opinion, but Brandi appears to have accepted this fact about her husband, perhaps having assumed all along that no professional athlete is ever completely loyal to his spouse.

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But Jason then comes out and admits that he has cheated on Brandi with "over 50" women, a confession that truly takes her aback.

The former Basketball Wives: LA cast member thinks it's "disgusting" that Maxiell has stepped out on his marriage this many times, although Vanzant wonders why eight is acceptable but a much higher number is not.

Cheating is bad no matter how many times it happens, right?

Brandi eventually storms out of the interview, while Maxiell admits to Iyanla at a different point that he has slept with 341 women in his life.


The episode was filmed over a year ago and Brandi said the following to The Shade Room after it recently aired:

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. Jason, Baby Jason and I needed that.

I would like to say I’m more frustrated with him blurting out a number to the world without no regard for my feelings. 8 put a damper on our relationship and I was willing to work on it.

Over 50 tore it down!

My focus is and has been since we went on this show a year ago, is to shift my ENTIRE life from being a great wife and mother into being the best mother & person I can be!

I’m aware that my son will someday come across this video and witness what the man of his life has done to his mother & how I stood by and basically did nothing.

Therefore, I have to prepare myself for that conversation with him ‘without lies’ but with compassion for my son.

I’m going to use very detail of my upbringing, my illness, my marriage, my life good or bad, to raise my child to learn how to first love & respect God, himself, women & all of God’s creations.

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