Florida Mall Brawl: Store Manager WRECKS Unruly Shopper!

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An outright brawl broke out between the manager of a Steve Madden store and a Swiss shopper inside a mall in Sunrise, Fla., on Wednesday.

Amazingly, and yet not surprisingly, it was caught on video.

Fight SS

The drama started when the employee at Sawgrass Mills Mall told the would-be customer the store was closed at 5:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

A tad early for businesses who want to make money?

Clearly, but that's beside the point. The hours are what they are, which most people would begrudgingly accept and move on with their lives.

This woman is not most people, quite clearly.

At first, a male staff member blocked the blonde tourist from various attempts to enter the store, which she was oddly determined to do.

Repeatedly, he told the disgruntled woman no, she couldn't shop there today, and to back away from the door that was closed for the day.

Local radio DJ Andy Slater captured the chaos that followed on his phone, as she refused to take no for an answer and all hell broke loose.

When the Steve Madden store’s manager came over to settle the altercation, she was promptly greeted with some bottled water to the face.

As onlookers gasped, the manager responded with a shot to the woman’s face, shortly followed by another punch as she backed away.

Fight SC

After the skirmish, the Steve Madden employees barricaded themselves inside the store and locked the door, finally securing the premises.

Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

Sunrise Police officials say they “interviewed both parties,” and despite the crazy scene, “no one was injured or taken to the hospital.”

Moreover, “No one was arrested or charged.”

The pissed-off woman in the video threatened to sue, because obviously she would threaten that, but no lawsuit has been filed. Yet. 

Check out the mall brawl in SoFla below ...

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