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It’s hard to imagine that there’s any twist on the reality dating show genre that we haven’t already seen.

In addition to the conventional Bachelor/Bachelorette-type formats we’ve witnessed everything from potential partners concealing their identities in elaborate furry costumes to women being convinced that they’re in a competition to marry Prince Harry.

(Obviously, this took place in the days before Duke of Sussex made the acquaintance of young actress named Meghan Markle.)

But just when it seemed that the well of ideas had run dry, and the golden age of the reality shows was at an end, HBO Max announced a new series that’s fiendishly clever in its simplicity.

In some ways, the premise of FBoy Island is a familiar one:

Three women in are tasked with finding love in a tropical setting.

But this time, there’s a thoroughly modern twist to the proceedings:

As The Ashley’s Reality Rounsup reports, the group of suitors consists of 24 single men – 12 “nice guys” and 12 “self-proclaimed f–k boys," who are looking for nothing more than a one-night stand.

Urban Dictionary defines a f–k boy as a "boy who is a player and is only in a relationship for sex; A boy who plays with girls’ feelings and doesn’t really like them and would do say anything a girl wants to hear to have sex with them or to get something they want."

In other words, these three single women are playing a dangerous game of f–k boy roulette.

FBoy Island is hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, so you can expect the show to have a sense of humor about its own ridiculous premise.

That’s something to be grateful for, as a show with such a high incidence of f–k boy-itis might be unendurable if viewers weren’t invited to laugh at the f–kery.

As reported by The Ashley, the guys’ bios indicate that most of them work the sort of jobs we’re accustomed to seeing on dating shows (i.e. firefighters, finance bros, a male model or two.)

But in keeping with the promise of the show’s title, there are also some professions that you’ll find only in the douchier neghborhoods of America’s douchiest cities:

For example, we have “cryptocurrency guru,” and “Cirque Du Soleil performer.” 

There’s also a "fridge mover," who probably uses that job title as an excuse to take off his shirt in public settings.

Fortunately, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so during his time in the Caymans!

Yes, the stage is all set for FBoy Island to take its place among the greatest guilty pleasures of 2021.

And since life is basically one big guilty pleasure in this ridiculous-ass decade, that’s no mean feat!

Content creator CJ, singer/songwriter Nakia, and social media manager Sarah certainly have their work cut out of for them in attempting to separate the f–k boys from the good guys.

But no matter what happens, the real winners are the viewers who get watch this bonkers experiment unfold.

God bless America. And God bless these f–k boys.