Farrah Abraham: Jenelle Evans Only Left David Because She Wants Her Job Back!

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Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham have more in common than they would like to admit.

They're probably the two most controversial stars of the Teen Mom franchise (though Amber Portwood is doing her best to claim one of those spots), and both were let go by producers despite the fact that as constant sources of drama, they were consistently good for ratings.

Farrah and Jenelle

So it stands to reason that when sh-t hits the fan in Jenelle's life -- which is an almost-daily occurrence -- the media turns to Farrah and asks her opinion.

These days, Evans' life is more tumultuous than ever, which is really saying something.

Jenelle has filed for divorce from her widely-despised husband, David Eason.

The separation comes just a few months after Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2, primarily because she helped David escape consequences after he beat, shot, and killed the family dog.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

TMZ caught up with Farrah this week, and while the ex-Teen Mom OG star was surprisingly gracious in her comments regarding the Jenelle situation, shwe brought up an accusation that's been circulating online for many weeks -- that Jenelle is only pretending to leave David so that she can get her old job back.

“I think a lot of us have been saying to Jenelle that she should maybe part ways [and] get a divorce for the betterment of her kids, herself and maybe David as well,” Abraham told the outlet.

“I think women like myself and others, who just want better crews and better circumstances for our kids, we do the right things beyond just wanting to go back to television,” Farrah continued, somewhat confusingly.

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

“Will things change when she gets a divorce just to go back to TV? I’m just a little bit confused about her real intentions,” she went on.

“Is it for her safety, her health and everyone’s wellbeing or is it just to get back on TV?”

Farrah added that while she has her suspicions, she hopes that 

“I hope it’s not [for TV]. And I always wish all the moms the best.”

Farrah Strikes a Pose

It's a bit of a back-handed well-wish, but it's still more maturity than we expected from Farrah.

As for whether or not Jenelle and David's separation is bogus, we guess time will tell.

After all, the Easons lie a lot, but they're still not very good at it.

If this is a ruse, they won't be able to keep it up for very long.

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