Kenya Moore: NeNe Leakes is DEAD to Me!!

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Last week, NeNe Leakes affirmed that she'll never stop hating Kenya Moore, even though Kenya has mended fences with other Housewives.

It turns out that the feeling is mutual, and Kenya has ruled out ever making peace with NeNe.

Kenya explains why, and says that as far as she's concerned, NeNe is dead to her.

Kenya Moore on WWHL november 2019

An extremely flattering caller dialed in to Watch What Happens Live, where Kenya Moore was one of the guests.

"My question is," the caller begin sin the clip what we have included with this post.

The caller asks: "Will we see you and NeNe in a better place this year?"

"And also," the caller adds. "Do you think Marlo deserves a Peach?"

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

Kenya considers her words before replying.

She reveals: "The answer about NeNe is ... absolutely not."

"I think she's pretty much dead to me," Kenya characterizes.

The audience lets out a tone of surprise at the gravity and permanence of that declaration.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

"When someone tried to spit on you, I think they're not ever gonna be friends with you," Kenya reasons.

She continues: "So, yeah. That's pretty much done."

Not everyone is so confident that they'll never be friends.

"But look at you and Porsha," argues fellow guest Joel. "I mean, if you guys can come back. ..."

NeNe Leakes Reaction Image

Just days before the premiere, Cynthia Bailey spoke about how things stand between her and Nene.

"We are in a better place than we were at the reunion," she revealed. "Which was an awful place."

"But we're not where we used to be," Cynthia admitted.

She teased: "but you guys will see how it all plays out."


"It was really hard for me this season," Cynthia confessed, speaking of the emotional toll.

She admitted to feeling conflicted "because -- you know how it is with friends -- regardless of where we're at, I still have love for her."

"I still have love for her family," Cynthia affirmed.

She expressed: "It's not like I just want to fight with Nene."

NeNe Leakes Swagg Boutique

Interestingly, NeNe did not appear in the season premiere, despite being one of the most (in)famous Housewives of any show.

This season marked the return of Kenya, NeNe's enemy, and reports this summer said that NeNe was adamantly refusing to film around a number of castmates.

However, NeNe said that her feelings about Kenya don't mean that she wants her off of the show.

NeNe admitted that Kenya is good for the show, and since the show is good for NeNe, she doesn't mind having Kenya aboard.

Kenya Moore Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body on Birthday

That sort of mutual emnity isn't great for anybody's emotional health and it sounds like a major source of stress.

However, we're talking about two reality stars here. A feud means drama.

What's bad for your emotional well-being might be great for yoru paycheck -- when you're a Real Housewife, anyway.

If Kenya and NeNe keep feuding like this for years, it could keep them relevant and rich for years, too.

The only catch, of course, is that they'll have to film together sooner or later or the feud doesn't mean much.

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