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We have some really terrific news to share — or terrible news depending on your outlook.

If you enjoy trashy reality show drama, then you’re in luck! And if you don’t … well, please gain some perspective and in time you’ll see that this is a wonderful development.

See, Marriage Boot Camp, that delightful show that’s brought us so many gifts, has developed a new spinoff called Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.

And Farrah Abraham is going to be there with her parents in tow.

We have the teaser at the bottom here, but go ahead and check out this shot from the show that Farrah shared:

See her on the left there? She’s standing beside Kendra Wilkinson and her mother, who are also on the show, and that’s another glorious bit of news on its own.

Remember, the last time Kendra was on Marriage Boot Camp she screamed at her mother that "The devil has eaten your soul!", so you know it’s going to be good.

There’s also Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino with one of his brothers (he’ll have another on the actual show), and not pictured is Chad "Ochocino" Johnson and his mother.

OK, now go ahead and watch the teaser to see gems like The Situation’s brother telling Farrah that she’s "had every man" in her.

The show premieres next month — see you there!