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Note to celebrities: never go shopping with Ellen DeGeneres.

Actually… what are we talking about?

Note to celebrities: ALWAYS go shopping with Ellen DeGeneres.

Because the results are hilarious.

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Last week, for instance, Britney Spears walked around a mall and basically stole stuff alongside the comedian.

Now, in a new sneak peek from Ellen, we see DeGeneres taking a certain First Lady shopping at CVS.

Come on down, Michelle Obama!

In just a few months, of course, Obama will no longer be residing in the White House. She’ll be out in the real world once again.

So Ellen figured she could offer the First Lady a few pointers as a way to reorient her to life as a regular human being.

Hence, a trip to CVS.

First up? Grabbing a cart and some coupons.

Explained to Ellen to her cohort:

"There’s coupons because you know you’re going to need these probably. It’s been a while. You push the basket because no one is going to push it for you."

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After trying out the CoinStar machine and then a debit card machine, Michelle headed to the electronics aisle to pick up a pair of headphones for young Sasha Obama.

But Ellen found herself a backscratcher and then utter chaos ensured, backscratching style.

"Can you chill out on the itching?" Obama asked her friend.

"This is not how you behave in a CVS!"

From there, it was off to the candy aisle and the magazine aisle, where the stars spotted someone very familiar on one of the covers.

Then, Ellen noticed boxed wine for sale. Uh-oh.

The First Lady wasn’t very familiar with Franzia, so the pair requested the help of a patron to determine out how to open it and serve the beverage.

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An autograph session ensued, followed by some admiration of a baby… who Ellen also tried to sign.

After having more fun than most people do with a megaphone, Ellen and Michelle (or “Shelly,” as some people call her) arrived at a checkout station.

It was all free, right, Ellen asked?

No, replied Obama.

"We can’t take bribes. I work for the government," she said.

There was also talk over cream and rashes and the reading of an adult novel.

And Ellen asked if Michelle could put her face on some money.

"You would’ve had to have done something grand like Harriet Tubman," Obama replied. "You should have freed some slaves."

To wrap up their trip, Ellen hopped in the shopping cart and got wheeled away from the scene of her hilarious crime, which prompted Michelle to quip:

"It’s like taking a three year old to the store. I’m gonna be back. 2017 – I’m coming alone."

Can someone give these two their own TV show please? Check out this awesome clip now: